D’Cuero: Leather shoes from Ecuador

D’Cuero might have started as a graduate thesis project, but it’s grown to so much more than a dream and late night paper writing! The online platform helps small producers of men’s leather shoes in Ecuador bring their high quality product to the global market. E-Commerce is still very much a developing market in Ecuador, and giving producers the opportunity to market their products, at low costs, to a global market has been life changing. Letting the shoemakers focus on their craft and the people behind D’Cuero focus on logistics like exporting, shipping and tax implications has grown their businesses exponentially.

Delcayo D'Cuero Shoes

Fair Production

The folks behind D’Cuero are committed to fair wages and social responsibility. Fashionable, classic, high quality handmade shoes are made by 30+ artisans, many mothers who work from home in their spare time – giving them the opportunity to be there for their families, while still pulling in a fair wage for their labors. All workers are given access to training classes to learn new and updated techniques and also time-honored artisan traditions.

DelCayo Dcuero Workshop

Furthering their commitment to ethical, all their products and practices are as eco-friendly as possible. All shoes are made from 100% natural cowhide and are hand stitched and hand finished using organic glues and recycles leather scraps, no harsh chemical processing. Built to last these shoes will outlast cheap, fast fashion made quickly with poor quality materials.

Chosen as one of President Obama’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative in 2016, the D’Cuero team is one of 250 young entrepreneurs from 26 countries across Latin American and the Caribbean to be part of the initiative.

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