About Environmentally Friendly impact

We haven’t done a good job protecting the earth. (Duh.) Our collective societies across the world have not been good stewards of the one and only home we have. We’re dumping toxic chemicals into our rivers and oceans, we’re consuming billions of kilos of non biodegradable plastic, we’re callously polluting our air and we’re doing far too little to make the drastic changes necessary.

It can be daunting to really stop and consider the environmental impact that our own personal lifestyles have on the earth. Our choices have long-lasting effects, positive and negative, and the process of evaluating those choices can make it all feel a little hopeless. What can just one person do? What difference can this one tiny decision have upon this earth? How can an individual compete with the masses who seem intent upon destroying the planet?


Small decision, massive changes

The fact of the matter is, every small decision can add up to make massive changes. You are just one person, but over the course of your lifetime, and the example you set for others, can have positive and lasting effects. Having the information about the products you choose to consume empowers you to take charge of how you treat the earth. Knowing what is important to you and how you can support those beliefs in real, concrete ways means that your impact goes beyond the armchair and into society at large.

The greenest possible

Choosing products that make conscious efforts to be environmentally friendly means the other products aren’t getting bought. This sends a very clear message! At Del Cayo we want to give you the information to buy the products that are the greenest possible. This means any variety of the following:

  • Products made with recycled content (for example, recycled content textiles)
  • Products made with sustainably sourced materials (for example, wood or alpaca)
  • Products made with energy efficiency in mind to reduce their carbon footprint Products that are biodegradable/compostable
  • Products free from toxic, polluting chemicals
  • Brands that use green packaging and shipping methods Brands that promote reusable options for consumers
  • Brands that promote saving natural resources (for example, low water usage)
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