About Vegan impact

Making the switch to being a full fledge vegan can have far-reaching, empowering effects for your health, our communities, the planet, and most obviously for the wellbeing of animals. And being vegan is not just for what’s going on your plate! Committing to veganism means any product you purchase or consume is completely free from animals and animal by-products. While many consider being 100% vegan an emotional decision (and it certainly is) there are benefits that go beyond simple sparing the lives of animals. Having access to the information to make the decisions that are important to you and your family’s belief system is empowering.


Your Health

The typical western diet is packed with fat, devoid of critical nutrients and leaves people at risk for a myriad of diseases. People are fatter, more sluggish and sicker than ever. Moving to a rich, plant based diet ups the fiber, the antioxidants, the nutrients and the vitamins. Vegans benefit from lower levels of obesity, heart-disease, diabetes and cancer. Not to mention vegans report higher energy levels, younger looking skin and an increase in their general well-being and happiness.

Our Communities

Deforestation for grazeable land is harming communities. Massive amounts of land is reserved for grazing animals that could instead be used for farming plants. While the plants would feed multitudes, the same amount of land feeds far fewer with meat. Factory farmed animals for food and animal products hurt and erode the soil, and pollute rivers, streams and lakes. Animal by-product waste is not typically compostable, filling community landfills with decomposing flesh.

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