It’s hard to feel good about cosmetics these days. Wasteful packaging, microplastic beads polluting our lakes and oceans, harmful toxic ingredients, animals testing, questionable labor practices … and all for what? Empty promises. Your skin still feels dry, your glow just isn’t shining through, you’re still getting zits and you’re constantly worried about what these ingredients will do to you long term. Not to mention your hard earned dollars are going to fund multinational companies, buying CEOs a second vacation home.

Meow Meow Tweet to the rescue

Meow Meow Tweet to the rescue. All those worries are out the door when you start shopping at the New York based ethical cosmetics company. This small-batch vegan cosmetics company has made it their mission to use fair-trade, all-natural, organic ingredients, like unrefined plant oils and butters, steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils and wild-crafted botanicals, that are not only time tested and safe for long term use, they’re super effective. And the packaging? Not only completely adorable, but wrapped by hand in PCW paper or in recyclable glass containers.

With fair prices for their cosmetics, they’ve also committed to supporting ethics driven causes across the world. From Sierra Club to Planned Parenthood to The Ocean Cleanup, they’ve driven their proceeds back into the causes that are nearest and dearest to their hearts.

If you’re ready to feel good about everything you’re putting back onto your skin check out our friends at Meow Meow Tweet.



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