5 ideas for an ethical Valentine’s Day  

What’s better than spreading the love on Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, a gaggle of girlfriends, spending the night quietly with your cat or protesting it all together, we’ve got you covered. A day to celebrate LOVE should of course begin with ethical in mind.


Celebrating with your husband/boyfriend: Let’s be real. The man in your life probably doesn’t care too much about Valentine’s Day, so any attempt at showing your love will be welcomed with gratitude. It will likely be met with thrice the gratitude if you’re giving an ethical gift AND something he already loves: beer. Check out Sierra Club’s six favorite eco-friendly and ethical beers and get him a six pack of each. Just don’t drink all 36 beers at once. 😉


Celebrating with your wife/girlfriend: A small token of your affection begins by shopping with ethics in mind. Take it up a level by getting her something she’ll actually use and love. Helpsy’s handmade, vegan leather heart shaped cross-body bag is a sure winner. Cruelty free, handmade in Mexico under ethical conditions, non-disposable and high quality. Sure to make an appearance at future date nights to come!


Celebrating with friends: you’ve heard of Secret Santa, right? Why not extend the fun to Valentine’s Day and play Secret Cupid? Organize a fun evening with pals, bring on the (eco-friendly) wine and then bring on the gifts! Check out Meow Meow Tweet‘s Migrator Kit: a complete mini size skin care and beauty set. Ethically made, eco-friendly from packaging to ingredients, totally vegan and packed up in the cutest boxes you can imagine.


Celebrating with your cat/dog: no one loves you more purely than your pet. Seriously! All those petless people are rolling their eyes right now, but all you dog-lovers and cat ladies (and gentlemen) are smiling and nodding thinking of your beloved pal. Selfless, unbridled and completely unconditional love deserves the very best. Feed your pet according to your values to show them you really care. We love Open Farm food and treats because it is 100% ethically sourced from the farm all the way into your pet’s bowl. Grain-free and super healthy to boot.


Protesting the celebration? That’s cool, too. Why not partake in a random act of kindness for someone you’ll never even meet. Go into your local bookstore and slide $10 into a book that got you through a rough time, making sure to write a short note of encouragement on the bill. Make a donation to a charity you love. Drop off a home cooked meal for someone you know is struggling. Smile at the grumpy bus driver and thank him for the ride. It doesn’t have to be big if it’s done with love.

A holiday celebrating love shouldn’t begin with strife, pollution and modern day slavery. Make sure you take the meaning of the holiday to heart and spread the love, from the very beginning of the production line all the way to your loved one. Tell us your other ideas in the comments below!

Pictures © Helpsy, Open Farfood, Meow Meow Tweet, Pixabay. All rights reserved.

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