7 Ethical Baby & Child Brands to Love

Get your baby on the ethical train from day one! There are a myriad of different reasons to choose ethical for your little one, and thankfully it has never been easier. From vegan to fair wages to organic we’ve got the needs of your littlest ones on lock down with our favorite ethical children’s brands. Have other brands you love? Let us know!


Go Gently has beautifully soft, sweet and simple baby and children clothes up to age 12. Classic designs that are not overly girly or brashly boy, this eco-conscious brand is sure to be a family favorite. Ethically made in Los Angeles, California with completely organic and sustainable materials from their fabrics to their dyes and inks. Bonus: clothes for mama and gift ideas/toys as well!


Finn + Emma combines your disdain for boring prints and toxic chemicals with your love of eco-friendly practices and fair trade manufacturing! These modern baby clothes bring all natural fabrics and dyes together to make garments and accessories you’ll have fun dressing your little one up in. With a focus on providing local women with a safe and fair working environment you can rest assure your purchases support your values.


The principles that guide Colored Organics are style, quality and a love for humanity. With up to 50% of their profits going directly to help orphans in India, this charming children’s line is a true champion in our books! Made in India with promises of fair wages, safe working environments, and health care plans for all its employees, combined with strict adherence to the highest global standards of organic textile production, we’re big fans of this line that outfits newborns to twelve year olds.


Looking to make a statement with your little one’s shoes? Brother Vellies has the answer. Showcasing traditional African footwear, while also creating and sustaining artisan jobs, these handmade beauties help support ethical production in South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya and Morocco. Most of the leather used at Brother Vellies is from kudu, an animal that is currently overpopulated and under government issued culling in order to protect fragile ecosystems. The meat is sold in local markets, or donated to those in need, and the leathers are used to make adult shoes with the scraps going to make absolutely unique children’s shoes.


Brooklyn based Winter Water creates whimsical screen printed baby and children’s clothing with the oh-so-desirable option to match with mom. Made with high quality organic cotton under completely ethical conditions in the USA and strict ecological guidelines, this brand is not just beautiful to wear, but is also a statement of your values. Bonus: notebooks and toys in their signature whimsical patterns!


Wild Dill takes the guesswork out of trying to find organic, eco-friendly and fair trade baby products. From clothes to natural baby toys and other baby necessities, your one stop shopping is Wild Dill. With natural materials like soy fiber, bamboo fabric and organic cotton you can rest assured your little one’s must haves are free from toxic chemicals, made ethically and are, of course, super cute, too! A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Tree Planting Foundation.


No one has to tell you how quickly babies and kiddos grow out of their clothes! With ThredUp you can still get designer quality clothes without shelling out the mega bucks, and in the process you’re also reusing already existing clothing, preventing it from clogging up landfills. Giving clothing a second life is super green – and while you’re shopping for your bub you can shop for yourself, too!

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