7 Ethical St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Spring is coming, the snow is melting, the sun is starting to peek through the grey clouds and we’re anxious for any excuse to let loose. Let’s raise a toast to St. Patrick, throw on our green and pretend to be Irish for the day… but let’s not forget our deeply held core beliefs in the process. It’s easy to have a super fun holiday while also doing our best to make the world a better place. Here we explore seven ways to do our part without even breaking a sweat…

1- Drink green beer

Drink green beer! And by green we mean eco-friendly, but you could probably put a drop of food-dye into your brew. 😉 Brooklyn Brewery has taken their commitment to the environment to the next level – they’ve implemented a green team to make sure that they’re taking every step possible to make their production super energy efficient. From using high-efficiency boilers to reduce energy use to using waste produced in the brewery to power facilities and increase generator efficiency to using LED bulbs across their facilities we’re big fans of their sustainability pledge as well as their beers.

2- Wear green, be green

Wear your green, while being green! We’re big fans of Recover and their 100% recycled shirts made from post-consumer PET & post industrial cotton. Yup, that’s right: your shirt is made from used plastic bottles and recycled cotton. Available in men’s and women’s sizing, long and short sleeve, Recover has you covered.

3- Use green party wear

Now that you’ve got the green beer, you need a green cup. Check out the cute AND sustainable disposable line of party wear from Susty Party. Non-toxic, compostable, biodegradable, renewable and recyclable materials make this line a must have for any party thrower. And did we mention they support a great cause? Their line is made by the blind — supporting the creation of high-quality jobs and skill training for the blind and visually impaired PLUS they donate a percent of sales to fund microloans for female entrepreneurs.

4- Serve a green meal

Now that you’ve got your great plates, let’s serve up a green meal! Meat is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases, and eating locally and seasonally makes a big impact on carbon emissions. So this year let’s make the switch to a vegan, seasonally appropriate meal for your St. Patrick’s Day party! Keepin’ It Kind has a great lineup of spring, vegan meals for all taste buds!

5- Sponsor a tree

Irish roots? Sponsor a tree in Ireland with the Tree Council of Ireland! With 400 square kilometers of trees lost every single day worldwide it’s more important than ever to make efforts to green our planet. Take up a collection at your party or skip your morning coffee for the month of March and throw €60 at making the world a little greener. Your great grandchildren will thank you.

6- Skip the plastic party favors

Skip the plastic party favors. We know those leprechaun hats are fun, but they’re going to end up in a landfill after just a few hours of use. If you’re searching for fun ideas to liven up the party head to your local Goodwill and find green accessories to pass around or order an eco-friendly face paint kit like Natural Earth Paint. All the fun and none of the waste.

7- Walk to the bar

Heading to a bar? Walk! Bike! Rollerblade! Skip the uber, get off the bus and most definitely leave the car at home. A long walk will prepare you for an intense evening of partying and every little bit of carbon emissions and smog avoided adds up to a greener, more ethical world.

Pictures © Pixabay, Susty Party, recover. All rights reserved.

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