9 Ethical T-Shirt Brands

What could be simpler than a t-shirt? Some fabric, a few stitches on the sewing machine, presto change-o, you’re ready …. Except we’ve all got that favorite t-shirt we wear time and time again – it’s soft, it fits just right and hits in all the right places. The details are sophisticated, but casual. It can be dressed up with smart jeans and a blazer/statement necklace or thrown on to quickly walk the dog in the morning. You’ve got a ton of t-shirts in your drawer, but this one keeps rising to the top. So why not fill your drawer with your these types of t-shirts? Donate the superfluous, turn them into eco-friendly rags, or use them to stuff a homemade pillow. We’ve got ten ethical t-shirts you need pronto.

1- Hero & Cape

Count on English brand Hero & Cape to make something that isn’t just totally ethical, but also totally delightful. Hand drawn flamingoes printed (with eco-friendly dye!) onto an organic, fairly made cotton jersey. Unisex and perfect for the beach or a fun night out, this t-shirt belongs in your top drawer.

2- Econscious

Comfy, cozy and super flattering this long sleeve t-shirt from Econscious is sure to rise to the top of your drawer. Ethically made from organic, high quality cotton, and best of all 1% of profits are donated to non-profits working for the better of the environment. Snap up this classic look as a layering piece for winter or an all-season staple.

3- Lovjoi

A relaxed, loose fit gives this woman’s t-shirt from German brand Lovjoi a sophisticated yet comfy vibe. Made from the ultra eco-friendly Lyocell it will feel breathable and luxurious against your skin. Made under ethical conditions by Syrian refugees, this vegan t-shirt would make an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

4- Fair Indigo

Classic stripes never felt so good. Made from 100% organic cotton from a family farm in Peru and ethically made in Lima under fair and transparent conditions, Fair Indigo has your values on lock down. With a soft and relaxed (but not boxy) fit, this women’s t-shirt has been made to last with pre-washed cotton resistant to shrinking, pilling and twisting.


The Perfect T-shirt? VIRTU just might have done it! 100% organic cotton, made under ethical conditions in the Dominican Republic with 50% of proceeds returning to the communities who made the t-shirt for development projects, eco-friendly packaging … we are convinced! A flattering fit with special details (flip the sleeves up for some stripes) make this a homerun for men and women.


Eco-friendly, super silky soft and affordable? That’s ONNO! Their men’s and women’s classic t-shirts are made from ultra-sustainable bamboo, which takes very little water to grow and is the fastest growing plant on earth. Plus, each purchase goes to support the CarbonFund a non-profit working to offset carbon dioxide emissions.

7- The White T-Shirt

Made to strict international organic, environmental and social standards your White T-Shirt Co t-shirt is going to be an instant favorite. Not only super soft and luxurious, but also super flattering – hitting in all the right spots for a look that is elegant and smart. Never compromising on their ethics transparency is the name of the game: each detail of the production line is meticulously screened to ensure the highest ethical standards regarding labor and the environment.

8- No Nasties

No Nasties is changing the ethical fashion game! With their limited time “buy one give one” graphic t-shirt promotion they are trying to get as many people on board as possible with ethical fashion. Get one organic, fair trade t-shirt for yourself and then gift one to a friend! Show your pals just how fashionable ethical can be. Made from scrap fabrics reclaimed by No Nasties and then made under 100% ethical conditions. We’re on board!

9- Etiko

A gorilla on a bicycle? That’s funny. A gorilla on a bicycle on an organic, fair-trade, ethically made t-shirt? Instant hit! Get the conversation going about ethical fashion with Etiko’s unisex t-shirt.

Other ethical fashion brands with t-shirts that are game changers? Tell us in the comments below! We want to know where to look good, feel good and DO GOOD!

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