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When was the last time you got a letter in the mail? An actual paper letter addressed to you, written with heart and emotion, signed and sent by someone you love? When was the last time you checked your mail and came home excited to open up an envelope instead of dreading the bill inside? In our increasingly digitalized world, a text message would suffice and an email would seem just fine. But that letter seems so special. It’s a physical manifestation of affection, a reminder you can hold in your hands that someone loves you, remembers you, and values your presence in the world.

These days it seems the analog wristwatch is going the way of snail mail letters. It’s faster to glance down at your computer, easier to ask Alexa and certainly second nature to never be more than arm’s reach from your de facto watch: your phone.

But doesn’t that also make them that much more special? That much more of a status symbol? That much more packed with meaning and emotion? Ask the founder of TTANTI, Angel Andraca Z, and he’ll be the first person to tell you that a watch is now about so much more than knowing what time it is.

Why did you start TTANTI?

I’ve always been interested in design, and being a native Chilean I wanted to find a way to showcase the incredible natural materials we have in abundance here, alongside the long tradition of Swiss watchmaking. People are drawn to the forests of Patagonia, and I am no different. After many iterations with our first team, we started working with the wildly talented Rodrigo Bravo. With his incredible eye for minimalism, function and elegance we were really able to capture the spirit of Patagonia and the feeling of slowing down time to take advantage of every last second of your life. 

What is so special about Patagonia to you?
Why did it need to be included in the brand TTANTI?

There is something special about the history of this land, the wild and untamed beauty of this deeply unforgiving land. Truly, there is something mystical about the way the people, their traditions and their stories have been woven into Patagonia. While exceptionally few people live here, the brave and bold come to explore and I find inspiration in their fortitude. So really, using the fallen trees of Patagonia was very natural for TTANTI — they have borne witness to the timeless tradition of exploring as well as the stories of natives and foreign wanderers alike. I really wanted to bring this feeling, of being truly alive, of grabbing life,  to not only those who have been here, but also those who are longing to come. 

What is your commitment to the environment? 

It’s simple to say, but if we are not good stewards of the land of Patagonia TTANTI ceases to exist. We can’t operate without a healthy ecosystem, so we’re always striving to be as green as possible. In accordance with international standards for protecting native forests we only use fallen trees, clearing the ground for healthy future growth. In every stage of our development we have taken steps to make sure our carbon footprint is as small as possible. Practically this means we have consciously decided to avoid having a physical storefront, do all our work online (we don’t even own a printer!), every time we have the opportunity we work with scrap leather that would otherwise be bound for the landfill (because it’s too small for things like a purse or a jacket), and we use recycled materials for packaging.

How important is being labeled “ethical” to you and TTANTI?

We’re obviously deeply rooted in our commitment to the environment, but we also take ethics to mean that we need to treat every single employee or worker that comes into contact with TTANTI with dignity and respect. We owe our brand to the artisans of Patagonia, our heritage is borne from their hands. To disrespect them would be counter to the fundamental beliefs we were founded upon. 

What’s next for TTANTI?

We’re still in the early stages of our growth. We’ve intentionally tried to grow very slowly, very organically because we want to maintain control of our destiny. Staying true to our core beliefs is important for us. Right now we’re exploring new materials, playing with what works, testing the durability. We’re hoping for new woods with new stories, and can’t wait to bring them to you. We believe in patient and passionate work, so while our growth might seem slow, it’s only so we can bring you the very best.

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