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Back in 2006 Matthias Rau and Sascha Klemz were frustrated with the glut of fast fashion. The cheap, disposable clothing was a nuisance to the environment and was forcing vulnerable people in third world countries into precarious situations. It just didn’t seem worth it to them for a few nights in low quality trendy clothes. Polluting the planet and exploiting people for fashion? There had to be a better way.

They knew there were better options out there for consumers, so Matthias and Sascha turned their frustration into something positive: an online store (and also brick & mortar in Germany!) that sells high quality, fairly made and environmentally friendly garments. Representing some of the best known brands in the ethical world, Zündstoff has become a staple in ethical fashion world and has become a “one-stop-shopping” spot for men and women at their store in Freiburg, and for online shoppers as well.

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