10 Ethical Brands to Watch in 2018

We’re always on the lookout for brands that are not only doing it right ethics-wise, but also knocking it out of the park with high quality, cutting edge style, unique products. They’re like unicorns! Beautiful creations, functional design, innovative solutions, they treat people fairly, look out for the environment and are generally cool all around. What’s not to love? We’re pleased to introduce ten ethical brands to keep your eye on in 2018.


Kowtow takes ethical women’s fashion to the next level. Effortlessly chic, these easy to wear pieces are classics that will keep your wardrobe stylish and conscious for years to come. Not only is founder Gosia Piatek’s line elegant and refined, it’s comfortable and easy to wear from work to play. Always looking to combine art, architecture, culture and travel into her work Kowtow is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.



Absolute Bear isn’t just offering classically styled British knit goods, it’s serving up clothes and accessories made only from suppliers who subscribe to the Fair Wear Foundation’s ethical production standards. Furthermore, their ethical and sustainable line donates 10% of their proceeds directly to two charities: Born Free, an organization dedicated to vulnerable animals across the world and BECOME, an organization seeking to protect foster children.



What happens to all those water bottles sent to be recycled everyday? If they’re lucky they’re remade into Teeki activewear! Everybit the quality you’ve come to expect in athleisure wear, these yoga pants (and so much more!) will give you the performance you desire without weighing down your conscious. Ethically made in the United States and perfect for running, the gym, yoga, hiking, surfing or just hanging out their fresh and happy designs are changing the athleisure seen for the better!



Quvel is a Dominican based custom shoe company that lets customers design and create shoes that uniquely reflect their personalities and sense of style. Made from sustainable materials and under ethical conditions their ever changing and expanding collection of choices is sure to have something for everyone. Boat shoes that fit a day at the beach, a fun day out, your personal style and best of all, your conscious.



VIRTUbrings you menswear that is not only sustainable and ethical, but high quality and classic. From versatile scarves and weekend bags to the always needed button down shirts and pullovers, they’re bringing a well curated collection of goods to the table. Using sustainably sourced materials like 100% baby alpaca and vegan leather and traceable working conditions for producers mean you can shop completely worry free.



Looking for handmade, individual products that show the unique traditions of Nepal? Look no further than Yakmandu, a German social enterprise bringing the lovely and thoughtful designs of Nepal to your doorstep. Shawls and bags that are not only made under ethical conditions with care and great attention to detail, but that also immediately donate 10% of profits back to their non-profit designed to aid the Nepalese communities in a sustainable way.



Your ethics don’t stop when you finish getting dressed, do they? Of course not! Sukhi is bringing stylish, handmade ethically made rugs to your home like no one else. Sourced from around the world to showcase the incredible traditions of rug making across cultures, Sukhi is the affordable and high quality answer to your home decorating needs. In Nepalese “sukhi” means happy, and that’s surely what you’ll be when you bring home your ethically made Sukhi rug this year.



Coming to you from Porto, Portugal La Paz is a menswear brand inspired by the Atlantic, and all that goes with being a seaside resident. Nautical inspired knitwear that is ethically made locally in Portugal under ethical conditions has never before seen this combination of classic and modern, top notch durability and range of choices.



TTANTI is a Chilean watch brand coming out of the combined traditions of Patagonia and Switzerland, this young watch brand is about to take off. With technology swirling all around us, new digital trends appearing everyday, it’s refreshing to see a company willing to commit to classic. TTANTI watches have an artisanal ethically sourced Patagonian leather strap, are fashioned with previously fallen Patagonian wood and combined with Swiss assembled timepieces. Not just a way to tell time, a reminder of the cultures and traditions that make up the heritage of Switzerland and Patagonia.



Not your typical brand, It’s Vintage Darling, is an extremely well curated collection of vintage finds from across Britain. With an ever changing collection of truly one of a kind pieces, giving these clothes a second life is the ultimate in eco-friendly fashion. Preventing clothing from reaching the landfill and instead repurposing and reusing already existing clothes is a huge benefit for our collective carbon footprint.



Have other ethical brands you’ve added to your watch list for this year? Tell us in the comments and share the love!

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